At Montague Lloyd we are very proud of our environmental credentials. We strive to minimise energy consumption and environmental impact whilst upholding a safe, healthy and comfortable working environment for all staff. We are constantly evaluating all of our operations and searching for ways to be more environmentally sound.


At Montague Lloyd we have our own in-house committee which generates and implements green initiatives throughout the business. In 2012 our in-house "Green Team" expanded with the addition of two “Green Champions” from our warehouse and production staff. This ensures that the whole company is truly involved in the environmental progress.

Carbon trust

Our environmental successes were highlighted when the Alexander Ross Group, of which Montague Lloyd is part, achieved the Carbon Trust Standard in 2010 and ISO14001 Environmental Management accreditation in 2011. Achieving the ISO 14001 Environmental Management certification acknowledges that we have an effective environmental management system in place. Operating using this plan ensures that we stay in line with all legal requirements and also means that we operate a more streamlined business with the minimum energy usage and waste.

The group secured the Carbon Trust Standard again this year (2017) where we achieved a reduction of 5.5% over the assessment period, our next re-assessment will be March 2018.The Carbon Trust is a world-leading body that works with businesses, governments and public sector organisations promoting carbon reduction, energy-saving approaches and commercialising low carbon technologies to develop a lower carbon economy. To find out more about the work of the carbon trust please visit www.carbontrust.com.