Personalised Hotel Toiletries Range

In addition to our existing collections, Montague Lloyd can also provide customers with their own personalised hotel toiletries ranges. We can work with you on design, fragrance and packaging until we have something that is a true reflection of your brand.

What We Can Supply...

We can personalise a whole variety of items including miniature toiletries, soaps, shower caps, sewing kits, slippers, stationery and much more – we can even personalise a rubber duck for you! The most commonly requested items include shower gel, shampoo and soaps but if you have a particular request we will always try our best to accommodate it.

How much does it cost...

Prices vary greatly depending on specification, but we can work with you on budgets, quantities and designs. In order to get the best possible price we do suggest a minimum order of 5,000 units for personalised hotel miniatures and personalised soap products. Based on these minimum numbers if you were to order a 30ml Bath & Shower Gel, a 30ml Shampoo and a 25g soap the price would start around £2,000 – which equates to less than 14p per item.

The Design Process...

Existing Designs..

Designing a personalised toiletry range is very simple and our team will help you during every stage of the process. We have a wide range of existing formulations and packaging options that can be easily customised simply by substituting your company name and logo. Using an existing formula also eliminates the need for stability testing making the products available much quicker.

Using pre-set formulations and templates means the delivery of your bespoke hotel toiletries can be as soon as 12 weeks after the order is placed. Usually there are no design costs associated with this type of personalisation.

Bespoke Design...

Alternatively if you would like your hotel toiletries range to be totally bespoke and unique to your brand we can also accommodate this. We have a very experienced in-house design team who can work with you to create innovative packaging, designs and graphics. Fragrances can also be personalised. This is carried out by first discussing your likes and dislikes with our representative who will then submit a fragrance brief to our perfumers.

A number of submissions are made which you can select from and then these are tested for stability and performance at our in-house lab. This is important as all products need to be safe, stable and offer good performance. Total personalisation such as this is not necessarily always more expensive.

At the start of the process we would discuss your anticipated usage, the period of the contract required, the products envisaged, and the spend per room on the amenities to ensure you are fully informed and can decide whether to proceed.

If you would like information or a quote for bespoke hotel toiletries please contact us by using either email or by telephone on 01324 573 439.