Premise Cleaning & Safety

Customers need to feel confident that hygiene standards are high and are more comfortable if there are obvious signs that this is given the highest priority, and staff want to know they are working in as safe an environment as is possible. 

Not as obvious, but likely to be top of mind with customers and staff, is the regular sanitising of bedrooms and all areas throughout the hotel - Unisafe+ and Quest Plus are two Unico own-manufactured virucides (chemical sanitisers) tested and effective against enveloped viruses, such as Coronavirus. These can be used with E-Spray electrostatic sprayers to cost - and Labou-efficiently sanitise small and large areas. We also supply other innovative sanitising products such as ProXL aerosol fogging cars that can be activated and left (in bedrooms, reception areas etc.) to allow the spray to work for 15 minutes - also effective against enveloped viruses including Coronavirus. 

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