Unico Duraclean - 5 Litre

Pack Size: 1

£3.55 ex VAT

A hard surface cleaner. It has been formulated with care for the environment but still finds application in a wide range of institutional and commercial premises. It does not contain phosphates, EDTA/NTA, solvents or harsh alkalis. The surfactants it does contain are fully biodegradable.

Duraclean is a good general-purpose hard surface cleaner which will also remove oil and body fats. It is suitable for use on surfaces such as glass and aluminium and in areas such as swimming pools, where excessive alkalinity is undesirable. Duraclean leaves a lingering citrus fragrance in treated areas.

Duraclean will clean most floors, walls, paintwork, tiles, aluminium, stainless steel, plastics, laminates and similar surfaces.

Duraclean will clean, defat and freshen shower rooms and poolsides.
Duraclean will also leave windows, mirrors and chrome sparkling clean.

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